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Splendour of Indian Spices

add taste to your lifeā€¦

R-pure, the name itself reflects the philosophy and the foundation stone on which it has been built, Purity. For centuries now, spices occupy a very important place in Indian Cooking and spice blends are passed as treasures through generations in Indian families. So in a country like ours, where precise tastes, are as important as life, serving the right spice blends are both a challenge and a matter of pride for us.   

Indian footprint is clearly visible on the World Chart of Spices in any era. India being the oldest civilisation, has not only introduced the world to spices, but was the epicentre of spice trade. Many wars were fought and many routes opened to control and trade this commodity.  Nutmeg, which originates from the Banda Islands in the Maluku Islands, has a Sanskrit name. Sanskrit is the ancient language of India, showing how old the usage of this spice is in this region. Historians believe that nutmeg was introduced to Europe in the 6th century BC.


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